In My Wildest Dreams.

Graphic Design and Art Direction? Check.
The Salvation Army? Check.
Manhattan, New York City? Check.
I was in tears before. This here is everything I have ever wanted in terms of a career. It is perfect, so so perfect. The kicker is that I am one year away from being qualified. 12 months and this job could have been mine.
But it's not.
This is not the right time.
I know that, but the impatient part of me want this, and she wants it now.
I know that in a years time I will be qualified. In a years time I will have saved something in the way of money, instead of the measly $500 I currently have. I knows that in a years time I will have grown spiritually and I know that one year will give me the time I need to get all the documents and paperwork sorted.
I know but this hurts so bad.
It's like I can everything I have ever wanted but I cannot seem to reach it.
But I also know that God has got this covered, and that if it is his will, a similar position will be available in the future, and that position will be mine.
So I will wait, even though I don't want to and I will use this as motivation to be amazing at school next year. I have been shown that all my wildest dreams can come true. This position in that city shows me that.
I know that my wildest dreams can become my biggest reality.
And there is nothing more encouraging, nothing more beautiful and nothing more inspiring than that.

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