Cmd + T Your World: Goodbye CATC


Every so often you meet a person that changes your life. This past year I have met at least twenty of them. They are the graduating graphic design class of february 2013. They are also each of my lecturers and every one else I have come into contact with because of CATC and design this year. So many stories, much laughter, and an entire year of amazing memories. May you go as far as your dreams are big, may you forever spell treat with two t's and may your 2013 be even more amazing than our last. Rockin' happy/sad/tiger photos under the cut. See you at graduation, x.




once you fall in love with it [design], you can no longer open your eyes without seeing the world differently.

every single thing was placed exactly where it was for a purpose.

just as we were.

just as i was.


[the beginning]

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