Behind The Scenes: Bedroom Tour

One thing they don't tell you when when you sign up for this college thing is that getting a post-grad job can be hard. So until that happens, I still call my parents place home. Which is ok for now, but why I am telling you this is because this means I only have one little space to decorate: my bedroom. My room is one of my favourite places and I adore decorating it. At the moment is has a white theme (I even picked the white iPhone largely based on the fact that it matches my decor - not even close to kidding), and seeing as I rearranged it over the weekend, I thought I'd share some photos with you.

How about you? Do you love your room as much as I do? Or are you in the grown up world and are lucky enough to call a whole apartment yours? Whatever the case, our spaces and how we decorate them can be an extension of ourselves, or even who we'd like to be. Or sometimes it can be neither.

All I can say is, I hope I land that elusive post-grad job soon, cause I am so ready to decorate an entire apartment next time.


A Few Bits and Pieces: Shopping Post

Having to go into town today to pay some bills (sad face) I picked up a few little things while I was there. Not a lot, but enough to do a cute little blog post on. Cant wait to blog about making those Macarons, fingers crossed it is a success, with many pretty pretty pictures. Hope you're all having a splendid friday. Bought anything cute/fun/exciting lately? x

Tea With Me

If you were to have tea with me today, we probably would go somewhere quiet, where they served peppermint hot chocolates, and the only other sounds were the sleepy murmurs of a rainy thursday evening. My parents house is too small and suffocating for the big dreams I wish to share. I would tell you I went shopping today, and bought new sketchbooks and magazines and got frozen yogurt on the way home. And I would ask how your day was also. I hope it was good.

Roxy Pro 2013

When I started getting serious about blogging, I tried very hard to post only original content/photos I had taken myself, but in the event of seeing these photos, I had to share them. These photographs were shot at the Roxy Pro today by my very talented little brother. I hope you enjoy them and make sure to like his facebook page here. Here's hoping he shares some of his photo taking talent with his big sister. Have you been to check out the surfing festivities this year? Any highlights so far? x

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