A Snapshot | August

This blog has been fairly quiet as of late. With the winter adventures lacking, and life being pretty much the same week in week out, I have been using my tumblr a lot more (mostly just to post my work and reblog pretty pictures) but seeing as it has been two months without a good update, I decided I need to show this place some lovin'.

August has been in gone in a whirlwind. It's weekends were jam packed with youth events and ministry conferences and weeks filled with planning events and office work. I drank a lot of coffee, had my work printed onto a t-shirt, snapped less instagram photos then usual, hand lettered many things, opened a society6 store, applied for countless jobs and started working towards an amazing 2014. Spring and new things are on there way and I cannot be more excited. Stay tuned in a few weeks as I am embarking on some creative adventures as well as a cheeky trip to Sydney town. How was your August? Tell me everything.

Hello September,
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